Hair Transplant In Hyderabad

Hair Transplant In Hyderabad

Stressed about your hair loss? Is your hairline receding backwards? Had a bad day about your hair loss meet your doctor to have a good day. At our Asmara Health Care, specifically we have best Trichologists in Hyderabad for hair and scalp problems.

About Hair Analysis: 

Trichoscope Analysis - Best Hair Loss Treatments in hyderabad
Hair Analysis

Hair analysis is done to analyze the hair and scalp with the help of the Trichoscope, especially to find out the root cause of hair loss and appropriate treatment to be done.






Best Hair Loss Treatments in hyderabad
MicroMeso Therapy

It is a non invasive technique  with micro needling  suppliments required for hair growth, it  is directed around the hairfollicles , which  stimulates the hair follicles and improves blood circulation for healthier and denser hair.

No Needle Mesoporation:

It is a  needle free technique for needle –  phobics  which works on hair follicles to stimulate growth  with new technology pain free hair growth.

PRP Hair Regrowth

Natural Approach
PRP Hair Regrowth


Especially, It is a natural procedure which helps in stimulating hair growth by tissue regeneration and healing process specifically with  safe and proven technique.

Hair Transplantation

Never ever lose your hope  about your hair loss we have a wide range of  treatments depending on factors we choose best and first line treatment  to give best result.  Especially, We do hair transplantation  never too late for this procedure  with best result following FUE technique.

Specifically, At our Asmara Health Care we have experienced doctor and team especially for your hair and scalp problems. First they can analyze the problem then only suggests for further treatment and also suggests for hair maintenance which includes diet, exercises, and healthy life style etc.