Things To Know – Diagnostics

1. What are some examples of Diagnostic Tests?

A. Diagnostic tests are X-rays, medical history, tests for pregnancy, scannings etc.

2. How did blood tests work for Doctors?

A. Blood test reports are used for diagnosis severity of the disease. Based on these reports doctors prescribed the medicines.

3. What is the main use of diagnostic tests?

A. The main use of diagnostic tests is monitoring, diagnosing and screening of a particular disease.

4. How can blood work for Diagnostic Tests?

A. Blood tests help to doctors to evaluate the condition of body organs such as Liver, kidneys, heart, thyroid etc.

5. What are diagnostic services at Asmara Health Care?

A. At Asmara Health Care, we provide tests related to Biochemistry, Pathology, Micro-Biology etc.

Things To Know – Psychiatry

1. Why consult the Psychiatrist?

A. All doctors including General Physicians are not treated mental disorders. Psychiatrists treat mental disorders and they give therapies if required.

2. Who is Psychiatrist?

A. They are specialized in the field of psychiatry. They treat mental disorder issues like the diagnosis of disease, prevention etc.

3. Who is a Psychologist?

A. A psychologist is a medical Graduate who completes the medical degree in psychology subject. They study the mental process to evaluate, treat and diagnose mental disorders.

4. What is the difference between Psychiatrist and Psychologist?

A. Both Psychologist’s and Psychiatrists are studying feelings, emotions etc but the small difference in their particular field, and educational requirements.

5. What are the Psychiatry services offered at Asmara Health Care?

A. At Asmara Health Care our doctors treat sleep disorders, memory disturbances, diabetes, and mental health etc.

Things To Know – Cosmetology

1. How Cosmetology came to India?

A. Cosmetology is from ancient times where queens would take showers in milk where lactic acid is present for glowing skin. Ayurveda, Homeopathy, modern medicine combination of all branches play role in cosmetic medicine. In the modern era with advanced technology, Dr.Jamuna Pai brought cosmetology into India.

2. What is the role of cosmetologist (or), Aesthetic physician?

A. Cosmetologist (or) Aesthetic physician is they know better, they are skillful and experienced.

3. Everyone who has a tag cosmetologist is a doctor?

A. Not everyone who tags cosmetologist is doctors!! We see many flaws in our daily life. A student with his undergraduate medical degree and certified degree and cosmetology can be called the cosmetic physician (or) cosmetologist (or) Aesthetic physician.

4. Why cosmetologist (or) Aesthetic physician is important for consultation?

A. We have the experience and skills to diagnose and get connected to patients with proper treatment guidelines and protocol with a particular type of skin and hair loss no matter what is the condition

5. Why celebrities go to the cosmetic physician?

A. Because they believe in doctors who know the skin and hair types

6. Why choose Asmara Health Care?

A. We understand without exception that all individuals coming for treatments are to be evaluated properly under the guidance of the physician with proper diagnosis and treatment. Our patients are given enough time to discuss their concerns and appropriate time is allotted to each patient. 

Things To Know – Dermatology

1. Any Age considerations for consulting dermatologists?

A. It is important for every person to keep their skin, hair, and nails healthy. To Consult dermatologists there are no age considerations. Dermatologists help to avoid problems with skin, hair, and nails.

2. How should I take care of my skin?

A. It is necessary for every person to have a healthy diet, regular exercises and mainly avoid sun exposure. If you face any skin problems it’s better to consult dermatologists.

3. How dermatologists treat the diseases?

A. Dermatologists treat different diseases that are related to skin, hair, nails, acne, psoriasis, fungal infections, and other related diseases. Dermatologists go through clinical knowledge. They use dermatology and cosmetology procedures.

4. When to consult dermatologists?

A. Anyone suffering from Diseases that are affected to the skin, hair, nails and other disorders can consult the dermatologists.

5. How can Cosmetic Dermatology Works?

A. To improve younger looking skin and correcting some problems like acne, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, warts etc… 

Things To Know – Trichology

1. What is Trichology?

A. Trichology is a medical subject that is related to Hair. Trichologists diagnose and provide treatment of diseases that are related to hair and scalp.

2. What are the diseases that trichologists can treat?

A. Trichologists treat diseases related to hair and scalp that is hair loss, hair damage, dandruff, baldness, dryness, hair regrowth and other problems with hair.

3. What is the procedure during the consultation?

A. At the consultation time, trichologists analyze the problem-related issues like unhealthy diet, stress, lifestyle changes etc and identify the problem and give proper medications related to your problem.

4. What are the uses of Hair Analysis?

A. The uses of hair analysis recognize the genetic problems, understanding hair damage, analyze the hair loss percentage and severity, dandruff and identify other diseases related to hair and scalp.

5. Treatment procedures at Asmara Health Care?

A. At Asmara Health Care, we charge the Minimum consultation fee for examining your problem, an analysis of the severity of the problem, give proper medications and precautions and Follow-up your visit.