1. What is Acne?

Acne / pimples medical conditions known as Acne. Vulgaris caused by bacteria P. Acne involving the sebaceous glands and the base of hair follicles.

Best Unwanted Hair and Acne

2) Causes for Acne vulgaris?

In Acne due to Androgen activity, colonization of microbial flora, immunologic factors, Environmental factors, i.e., climate, emotional stress, high glycemic diet, milk & diary products cause Acne vulgaris.

3) Effects of Acne vulgaris?

Affects more than 90% of people at any point of life, It may affect mental and social wellbeing.

4) Which areas are affected by Acne?

Acne can occur at places where hair follicles are present, i.e., on face, chest, your back, and shoulders.

5) Which age groups are most affected?

Age group 14-40yrs, more severe in men.

6) Does it have a genetic predilection?

Yes, it runs in families.

7) What is the treatment option for acne?

Depending on the grade of acne mild to moderate acne is treated with topical creams &antibiotics. For severe cases among females should undergo investigations for the cause to be treated, i.e., Hormonal analysis, blood count and other parameters to be known before advising medication.

8) Which treatment that’s best for me?

At Asmara we advise treatment depending on your age, gender, severity of the acne & expectation. Treatment involves a combination of oral medications, Doctor’s peels, cleansing therapy & skin resurfacing for scarring.

9) What consequences are faced with Acne vulgaris?

Scarring, hyperpigmentation are consequences faced.

10) How can a peel help?

The peel helps in exfoliation of skin from top layers, this helps in rapid turnover of skin and formation of new cells. It also helps in sebum control, prevents clogging of pores, this helps in reducing Acne.

11) Do you have any treatment for back acne?

Acne is not limited to, face even it occurs on the body where ever hair follicles are present, As more have answers for everything.

12) What about cleansing therapy?

If your skin is prone to acne, please avoid facials, we Asmara has introduced clear pore, hydration pore.

13) Treatment options for scars?

For scars we provide collagen induction therapy, we have wide range of treatments,  peels, roller therapy, micro needling rf depending on the severity of scars.

14) Treatment options for sudden breakouts?

We Asmara have answers for everything, we use intralessons injection to flatten them.

15) How many sessions will be required?

It requires multiple sessions depending on severity, i.e., min 4-5sessions.

16) Your consultation?

At the time of consultation feel free to ask your doctor all the queries in your mind, please inform any oral or topical medications you’re using i.e. retinoid, antibiotics, procedures done on face, allergies, usage of bleaching agents.

Upper Lip Hair Removal:

Two procedures to remove hair on Upper lip. First one for upper lip hair removal is temporarily,in this we use Threading,waxing,shaving etc..This procedure repeated at least two times in 30 days for hair free look.Another procedure is Laser Hair Removal.This is best option to remove hair on Upper Lip. This will take few sessions,but it is permanently.

Laser Hair Removal Cost:

Laser Hair Removal Cost depending on treatment area and analysis of hair growth.Its depends on number of sessions that required to complete treatment.Sessions that packed with packages,if you take as packages the cost for overall treatment will be reduced.




Treatment options for Acne

Cleansing Therapy

Medi Cleansing Therapy


Doctor's Peels


Skin Resurfacing


Pigmentation and Unwanted Hair

Pigmentation is a medical condition which determines the color of your skin, which is determined by melanin-major determinant. Our skin color which is constitutive and facultative, genetically determined. Facultative induced by sun and hormones.

Darker skin is the beautiful skin color, where more melanin is present in darker skin, which helps them from early aging & UV damage, here comes the role of sunscreen to avoid damage from UV rays.

  • What are the causes of pigmentation? It may be due to genetic, drugs, hormone, sun exposure, occupation, post inflammation.
  •  Effects of pigmentation? Both psychological and social impacts.
  • Role of sunscreens? UV rays have an impact on our skin, which causes early ageing tan, Sunscreen broad spectrum helps to filter rays. To know more contact Asmara. Mention your doctor if any medication is under process.
  • At consultation? At the time of consultation feel free to ask your doctor all the queries in your mind, please inform any oral or topical medications you’re using i.e. retinoid, antibiotics, procedures done on face, allergies, usage of bleaching agents.


Treatment options for pigmentation


Doctor’s Peels

permanent hair removal in hyderabad

Advanced skin enhancement

Glow Therapy

Antioxidant Glow Therapy

Dark Circles

  • What are Dark circles?
  • Best in Unwanted Hair and Dark Circles
    Dark circles

    Dark circles around the eyes is the most common aesthetic concern in the world, dark circles means uniform pigmentation all around the eyes sometimes extending towards eyebrows, nose, cheeks.Dark circles mostly start after puberty, i.e., from (16-25yrs) of age, even it may affect till the age of 60 years, most commonly seen in females.

    • What are the causes of dark circles?

    The common causes are structural changes around eyes, post inflammatory, Anemia, familiar, hormonal disturbances, nutritional deficiencies, Acanthosis nigricans, skin laxity, chronic illness, habits, uncorrected eyesight, and oral medication.

    • Does it run in families?

    There are chances that it runs in families as genes are transferred.

    • What are the treatment options for dark circles?

    There are different kinds of treatments available for dark circles. The main thing is to identify the specific constellation of causative factors, so that a customized treatment can be crafted. A spectrum of interventions exist non-invasive, minimally invasive treatments, including surgical interventions

    Non-invasive treatment:

    • Concealer and Cosmeceuticals
    • Laser
    • Radio frequency

    Minimally Invasive Treatments:

    • Chemical peel
    • Microneedling We here at Asmara Health Care provide only non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments

    6) Is it  painful?

    No, it is not painful, topical anesthetic cream is applied for 15-30min for painless treatments.

    7) What should you expect from treatment?

    Mild burning, redness present after the procedure, which may remain till 24 hours, if not subsided can contact your doctor.

    8) How many sessions will be required?

    It differs in every individual, depending on the depth of pigmentation, mostly around 4-6 sessions are required 15 days apart each session.

    9) What post care after the procedure to be taken?

    Avoid rubbing, usage of soap, any creams for at least 48hrs, follow the doctor’s advice regarding home care.

    10) Your consultation?

    At the time of your consultation you should tell your doctor regarding use of any creams, oral medications, procedures done on face, allergies, usage of bleaching agents.

  • Which age-group is mostly affected?

Unwanted Hair Removal In Hyderabad

Unwanted Hair

Best Unwanted Hair
Unwanted Hair

No more nightmare with unwanted hair removal methods. We have brought you 100% hair removal permanent methods.

Thousands of women, men, and teens suffer from emotional trauma due to superfluous hair growth and feel unattractive and self-conscious.

There are many factors in our body, which play a role in unwanted hair. Some factors are normal, biological changes that we undergo throughout our life, such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Other causes are glandular disorders that may lead to elevated levels of androgen hormones. These hormones can be responsible for the development of superfluous hair or hirsutism.

Many people have excess hair  because of hereditary factors,  few others because of  stress, emotional problems, and certain medications increase the production of androgens, causing excess hair growth. At asmara we have  electrologist who is trained to recognize hair growth patterns and symptoms that may require the guidance of a physician, most times an endocrinologist.

Excess Hair

The unwanted hair removal in Hyderabad at Asmara can be removed permanently, through a combination of laser and electrolysis treatments. At Asmara, we offer permanent i.e. 100% hair removal with combination procedures, lasers and electrolysis.

No more nightmare with unwanted hair removal methods. We have brought you 100% hair removal permanent methods.

Treatment options for Unwanted Hair Removal in Hyderabad – Asmara

Electrilysis Treatment


Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction

Sagging Skin

Best Unwanted Hair and Sagging of skin
Sagging Skin

Saggingskin is more related to the dermal layer of our skin, where our dermis has major content of collagen and elastin which plays a major role in the ageing process of skin.  Sagging of skin is part of ageing, ageing is related to many factors, it may be due to genetic, sun damage, hormonal changes, lifestyle modifications all these effects collagen & elastin loos their recoiling capacity which leads to sagging of skin.

Changes are seen because of sagging of skin, Loss of Volume over cheeks, sun lean eyes, double chin.

These effects can be reversed with our treatments.


Treatment options for Sagging Skin

Threadlift treatment

Thread Lift


Dermal Fillers

Fine lines & Wrinkles

Best in Fine lines and Unwanted Hair
FineLines & Wrinkles

We see the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles which is a natural process of ageing in our body. But here comes the concept of ageing, the main cause for the early formation of fine lines & wrinkles – sun exposure, overactive muscles due to constant expressions.





Treatment options for Fine lines & Wrinkles


Dermal Fillers




Doctor’s Peels

permanent hair removal in hyderabad

Skin Resurfacing

Hair Loss

Genetic Hair Loss and Unwanted Hair
Hair Loss

Hair loss we understand better because we see it in our daily practice in and out, We help people with hair shedding issues, alopecia, genetic hair loss.

We put the patient’s concern first and also offer scientifically evidence based treatments according to the patients diagnosis and prognosis.


1) What we believe and do at Asmara?

We believe that every individual without any exception, suffering from hair loss issues must be evaluated and properly diagnosed and treated.

Every day at our asmara health care we see so many types of hair loss. At that point we properly diagnose type of hair loss and advise the best treatment option.

2) Our patient is our priority?

We don’t just advise what all the treatment options available in the market, on-site. We first discuss concerns of the person & give them proper time to discuss their problem and complete examination is done if needed tests are advised according to the condition of the person.

3) Best treatment plan for every patient?

We give our best to every patient, which is FDA-approved treatment and technologically proven & useful for hair loss. We also understand and educate that hair oils, shampoos, lotions do not help & myths, misconceptions about hair loss, we promise No gimmicks No fraud. We don’t sell any specific products (or) manufacture, we don’t have any sales consultant. We concentrate only on giving better treatment.

Treatment plan:

Anlaysis Chart

After diagnosis:

Chart After Diagnosis