blood glucose level tests in hyderabad

blood glucose level tests in hyderabad

Blood Glucose Level Tests In Hyderabad

Blood Glucose Level :

In our body, Glucose is a type of sugar which produces from the food we are eating. In our body, the pancreas produces glucose into the bloodstream for energy. Our body produces glucose from food containing rich carbohydrates, like potatoes, fruits, etc…Beta cells in the pancreas produce insulin into the bloodstream. For diagnosis of the severity of disease doctors,  prescribe the Blood Glucose Level tests. At Asmara Health Care we have highly experienced doctors for blood glucose level tests in hyderabad.

Complications Of Diabetes:

Diabetes is mostly related to the terms of blood glucose, glucose levels, blood glucose tests. Poorly Blood glucose maintained in our body causes problems like eye problems, foot problems, kidney problems, and heart problems. The time taking to develop these complications around years. These conditions are not the same for all the people who suffered from Diabetes some people may be facing these problems.

What are the levels of Good blood glucose?

  1. Before meal the Blood glucose levels are between 4 to 7 mmol/l.
  2. At night glucose levels should be not more than 8 mmol/l.
  3. After eating for 2 hours glucose levels are below 9 mmol/l.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Chart For Good Blood Glucose Levels

    blood glucose level tests in hyderabad
    Good Blood Glucose Level

Time for checking blood glucose levels depends on diabetes, there is the number of times the blood glucose levels should be measured per day. Before every meal type 1 diabetes patients use insulin.

For type 2 diabetes controlled with exercises and diet and also these conditions are not applied to everyone. At any time if you feel sick, check your blood glucose levels that are very low or very high.

Tests For Blood Glucose :

Blood Glucose Tests used to monitor blood glucose levels in your BloodStream for controlling Diabetes. It is not necessary that every person with diabetes must take tests, but if you have done this tests you may know what medications and what type of diet for eating.

Uses of Glucose Testing in the bloodstream :

  • Information about quantity portion
  • Medications information
  • Decrease risk for diabetes complications
  • Better Sugar Control
  • Knowledge of insulin dosage
  • Control diseases
  • Monitor the levels of glucose after food/exercises/stress
  • Trace the result of quickly falling of blood sugar with low blood sugar
  • To Know the position of blood sugar level

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