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Asmara is a Health Care Center providing excellence in Dermatology, Cosmetology, Diabetology, Trichology,  Psychiatry, and Diagnostic Services. One of the best services of our clinic is Psychiatry services which are used to provide the Best Psychiatry Treatments In Hyderabad. The main aim of our site for Psychiatry services is providing information about psychological disturbances that are related to sleep, memory, diabetes, and for both dermatology and cosmetology. Here we discuss two types of psychiatry services. One is Neurotic and another one is Psychotic.


This is one of the categories of mental disorders. Diagnosis depends on Symptoms. Some Symptoms in the neurotic category may involve:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • More Irritation
  • Anger
  • Confusion etc.

There is a different neurosis.   These are Sleep disturbances, memory disturbances, Diabetes, and Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression etc.

Mental Health


Sleep Disturbances:

Sleep is an integral function of every person’s daily activity and should be taken casually. Sleep is important for the following functions
1) enhancing day to day quality of memory
2) getting rid of all the toxins collected in the brain during the day and enhancing it’s functioning
3) maintaining appropriate hormonal balance and cardiac functioning
The minimum duration of sleep every person requires is 6 to 8 hrs. Any disturbance in both the quality and quantity of sleep causes several disturbances which are not only psychological but also physiological. Such as emotional instability and irritability, impaired memory functioning leading to forgetfulness, hormonal imbalance, high risk of cardiac diseases and poor immune functioning to name a few. Hence maintenance of good sleep hygiene is as important as exercise and proper diet. Many people who have faced sleep disturbances often complain of constant forgetfulness, difficulty in concentrating on routine activities and higher rates of falling asleep while driving a vehicle.
Common conditions where sleep is affected are:
1) Depression
2) anxiety
3) obsessive-compulsive disorder
4) Schizophrenia
5) Bipolar disorder
In conditions like depression and anxiety, the patient himself complains of sleep disturbances. In depression, the person commonly has complained of getting up from sleep earlier than usual. While in anxiety the person complains of either taking a long time to fall asleep or getting up repetitively in the middle of sleep. Many of these patients often erratically use over the counter sleeping pills or alcohol to fall asleep. But it works only temporarily and there is a high risk that the person develops addiction towards them. Hence, it is very much important that the person visits an appropriate doctor who can assess the cause of the sleep disturbance and prescribe the appropriate therapy for the condition.
In Obsessive-compulsive disorder, also known as OCD. The person is unable to fall asleep because of thoughts of repetitive activity a person is forced to do like repetitive washing or cleaning, repetitive arranging, repetitive checking of doors and locks, repetitive praying etc. these people will spend excessive time in doing these activities and will not get the urge to sleep. controlling these thoughts and activities is the way to provide good sleep to the patient.
IN schizophrenia, the patient will lose proper sleep function because of chemical abnormalities in their brain which causes several behavioural disturbances like decreased self care, decreased interaction with family members, talking to self or laughing to self without anyone interaction and while being alone, decreased food intake and complaining of hearing voices and suspiciousness on others. This condition is an emergency which has to be looked at and may require admission for treatment.
In bipolar disorder, there are two phases- highs and lows. In highs, the patient feels highly happy and great about himself such that he considers himself to be the greatest and might even openly declare that he doesn’t need sleep because he has lots of energy and strength. This phase is followed by lows, which resembles the depression and has same complains and symptoms. It is a lifelong condition with high family predisposition. the patient needs to be on constant treatment for this condition. Here at Asmara, the Best Psychiatry Treatments In Hyderabad provides treatment for Sleep Disorders.

Image For Memory Disturbances


Image For Memory Disturbances

Memory Disturbances:

Memory in simple terms can be divided into 2 core components

1) Short term- consists of information gained over the last few minutes to few hours
2) Long-term- consists of information gained over months to years
Forgetfulness is a common symptom of several mental health disorders. The common factor seen in all of them is that short-term memory is usually affected first then long-term memory, which gets affected the last. The common conditions where forgetfulness is seen are depression, anxiety, and dementia. In depression and anxiety, the patient complains of forgetfulness. The person recognizes that their memory is affected as he is unable to remember information and also unable to recall them. the patient also complains that there are repetitive worrying thoughts that cause him/her to forget the information which he has recently learned or also creates difficulty in retrieving information which was previously learned. It doesn’t occur as a solo symptom but occurs along with sleep disturbances and appetite disturbances.
Dementia is a disorder of old age, where the person most commonly after reaching 70’s starts to lose the ability to retain information due to degeneration of the brain. He or she is unable to recognize the forgetfulness which they are facing. I simple terms they forget that they are forgetting. It is an irreversible condition where therapy can be given to improving the quality of life to just for the patient but also for the family members. In much elderly both depression and dementia occur together and can be difficult to separate. If treatment is not initiated quickly the condition can cause severe disturbances in the patients functioning.
Common symptoms of dementia are- forgetting names of people and objects, forgetting routes to house and directions to several places which are commonly visited including rooms in his own house, forgetting to drive a car, use toothbrush and difficulty in identifying their own clothes. Treatments for memory disturbances are available at Asmara the best psychiatry Treatments in Hyderabad.

Diabetes And Mental Health:

Diabetes not only affects the persons physical health but also has a detrimental effect on the patients psychological well being. The relation between diabetes and depression is very strong. It is seen that depressive patients have a 65% risk of developing diabetes. Also, the risk of developing depression in diabetes is as high as 45%. The combination of both in an individual worsens the prognosis. The relation between the two remains unclear. But, the effect both produces on an individual is very well known. Patients with both depression and diabetes have a higher risk of the following-
1)coronary artery disease
2)erectile dysfunction
3)eye problems
4)poor healthcare
5)poor adherence to oral antidiabetic medications
6)reduced exercise
The combination of both damages the emotional well being of the patient as well. He or she may feel highly dependant on others and can cause a disturbance in their interpersonal relationships. It can also cause reduced self-esteem. Hence it is important to treat depression along with diabetes to improve lifestyle. These patients are also at a higher risk of developing dementia. The probable cause is due to elevated uncontrolled blood sugar levels which cause “mini” strokes. These strokes may not represent as paralysis or loss of speech. But presents as sudden onset behavioral disturbances. Depression is present in combination can further increase the risk of developing dementia.
Several studies have shown that treating depression actually improves the blood sugar levels and also controls FbA1c levels. Hence lowering the need to further increase the dose of antidiabetic medicines and reducing the probability of shifting to insulin injectables. It also increases energy levels and encourages the patient to exercise and interact well with family members and friends increasing self-esteem.


Anxiety is a disorder that is related to especially for Mental Health. People who suffer from anxiety can effects their life quality, influence on illness recovery and reduced their ability levels. Anxiety can occur in all age groups like younger adults, children, elder people. Comparing with younger adults and children, some other anxiety symptoms can be added especially to the elder people. At Asmara Health Care, the Best Anxiety Disorder Therapy In Hyderabad especially provides good Results.

Diagnosis of Anxiety Issues:

It is difficult for the diagnosis of Anxiety causing issues. Symptoms, especially in anxiety, are health problems related to age, fears, and worries. Anxiety can differ from one person to another person. Some people with anxiety can consume alcohol or drugs, relief from anxiety by using these ways are temporary. Especially in the case of over-anxiety may arise psychiatric problems.

Symptoms of especially for Anxiety are:

  • Increase sleeplessness
  • Feeling restless
  • Difficult to keep concentrating
  • Fast breathing
  • Heart rate increased

Treatment options for Anxiety Disorder Therapy In Hyderabad at Asmara Health Care:

Especially, in the elder people, anxiety is undetected and also not treated. To take treatment for anxiety older people less likely than younger people. Treatment options for anxiety include changing of lifestyle, therapies, and medicines as prescribed by doctors. These all conditions are not the same for all the people who suffer from anxiety, especially if you face these problems first you consult the doctor they will diagnose the problem.

Clinical features of anxiety disorders:

Early clinicians delineated three different spheres of anxiety: panic, phobia, and generalized anxiety.

Panic Disorder:

Especially, the Panic disorder is one of the Clinical features of Anxiety disorders. Some Symptoms are

  • Palpations, pounding heart or accelerated heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Sensations of shortness of breath or smothering
  • Feelings of choking
  • Chest pain or discomfort
  • Nausea or Abdominal distress
  • Feeling dizzy, unsteady, light-headed or faint
  • Chills or heat sensations
  • Numbness or tingling sensation
  • Derealization or Depersonalization
  • Fear of losing control
  • Fear of dying

A single panic attack is not necessarily indicative of a psychiatric disorder. Panic attacks do not occur only in response to feared social situations, as in social anxiety disorder etc.


One of the very common types of disorders is phobia Phobias are fears of specific objects or situations such as spiders or blood, that go beyond the true threat of the stimulus and cause avoidance and functional impairment. The phobia, by rule, lasts longer than 6 months. Many patients have multiple phobic stimuli.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder(GAD) is characterized by an uncontrollable worry, more days than not, lasting greater than 6 months. The worry must be associated with at least three of the following symptoms restlessness, difficulty in concentrating or mind going blank, irritability, sleep disturbances, muscle tension. These are the issues that may concern the average patient on a daily or weekly basis.

All the above-mentioned symptoms are not the same for all the people especially who are suffering from anxiety. It’s better to consult the doctor at our Asmara Health Care, who especially provides the best treatment for Anxiety Disorder Therapy In Hyderabad If you have any queries.


Depression is a very common disorder in both men and women. Especially, Depression is one of the mood disorder that involves low mood, more sad feeling and not interesting in the social environment. It effects on daily activities on your life. At Asmara Health Care the Treatment for Depression In Hyderabad provides good results for all psychiatry services.

Diagnosis of Depression:

Depression is nothing but up and down’s of mood people may face in their life. If it is severe and for a long time then you need to consult the psychiatrist. Diagnosis of depression can begin with consulting the psychiatrist. If you visit the doctor, they conduct a physical exam, ask about your history and your environmental conditions, and other activities etc..,

Symptoms especially depression:

There are some symptoms involved in depression. These are:

  • More weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Less interest in social activities
  • More guilty feeling
  • Thoughts about suicide or death
  • Sleeplessness or oversleeping
  • More irritating

Symptoms especially depression can vary from one person to another. It is not correct you are in the depression, If you face any of the symptoms of depression. If you have any queries, then consult our doctor at Asmara Health Care. Asmara Health Care provides the best treatment, especially for all the mental illness diseases.


Psychotic is an abnormal condition, that effects on determining what is correct and not correct. Some symptoms of Psychotic are Hearing things even they don’t have and false beliefs. People who suffer from Psychotic disorders may face sleep problems, social withdrawal, and facing difficulty in daily activities.

Causes and Treatments of Psychotic Disorder:

There are many causes like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, sleep disturbances, some medications, and drugs like alcohol etc. Treatments are done by the psychiatrist. Doctor prescribed treatment involves antipsychotic medications, support, and the number of counselings. Treatment depends upon the cause.


Schizophrenia is arguably one of the most puzzling at disabling of all brain diseases with its severe and persistent psychotic manifestations accompanied by variable cognitive dysfunction and profound psychosocial impairment. Its symptoms are often undetectable in early life, are at their worst during childbearing years, and often improve, to a degree, with aging. At Asmara health care, the best Schizophrenia services in Hyderabad at Banjara Hills especially provides good services with highly experienced doctors.

Substantial progress in understanding and treating Schizophrenia will depend on discovering the neural mechanisms of the elements of the condition, one of those being the mechanism for psychosis. Effective medications are necessary, even when optimized across each individual person, but they are by no means sufficient. Psychotic illness, especially at its inception or when it threatens to break through, needs broad, diverse, and comprehensive treatment.

Diagnostic Criteria especially for Schizophrenia services in Hyderabad

Eugen Bleuler introduced Schizophrenia in 1911. His description of the illness included primary and secondary symptoms. His four primary symptoms were abnormal associations, autistic behavior, and thinking abnormal effect and ambivalence.

The different conceptualizations of the illness and diagnostic criteria used in clinical practice and research led to white disparities in the rates of diagnosis of Schizophrenia among clinicians and researchers around the world.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia:

Schizophrenia is broadly applied. The Diagnosis for both chronically hospitalized patients with constant hallucinations and bizarre behavior. The BPRS (Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale) was the standard tool for measuring treatment response in psychotic disorders for decades. It remains widely used in research and as an aid to clinicians treating chronically and severely ill patients.

Bipolar Disorder:

Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness. People suffering from this disease may change their mood frequently. The effects of mood changing on sleep, behavior, thinking, etc. These mood disorder situations are continued weeks, months and in some cases years also. At Asmara Health Care especially, the Best Bipolar Disorder Treatments In Hyderabad provides good results. There are two main episodes of bipolar disorder. These are Mania and Depression.

Mania: It lasts for longer time.

Hypomania: Its lasts for short time.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder:

People who suffer from this mental illness, they do not control their moods that is too high or too low of their behavior. Here are some symptoms during the periods of Mania and Hypomania.

Some Symptoms especially for Mania:

  • More happiness, over excitement
  • Feeling restless
  • Mood changing from happiness to depression
  • Over Impulsive
  • Over speed and not concentration on anything
  • Wrong decisions

Some symptoms especially for Hypomania:

  • Impatient or angry
  • Restless
  • Irritation feeling
  • Complete tasks better than normal
  • Thoughts about racing
  • Taking risks
  • Taking extra activities etc.

Risk factors especially of Bipolar Disorders:

Here are some risk factors especially for developing bipolar disorders, any relative like siblings, or parents with bipolar disorder, overstress that are prolonged for a long time, drugs or alcohol consumed etc.