Best Diabetes Treatments In Hyderabad

Best Diabetes Treatments In Hyderabad
Asmara HealthCare Diabetes Treatments

Diabetes Services:

This site provides information about Diabetes Mellitus(DM), Types of Diabetes, and the services we provide to control all types of diabetes-related diseases for a healthy life. Here at Asmara Health Care, the Best Diabetes Treatments in Hyderabad, we are having a doctor specifically for diabetes over 22 years of experience.

Diabetic Doctor over 22 years Experienced:

Dr. Indira Kotapati one of the Lead Diabetologist since November 2012. Dr. Indira started her career as primary care physician at AP State Health and Medical Services and her private clinic. She has many years of experience working as a Clinical Assistant in the Department of Cardiology at Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences handling both invasive and non-invasive procedures in the coronary care units. From 1997 to 2004, she was the Head of Department of Internal Medicine and Immunology and In-charge of the Biochemistry Lab at the L.V.Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad. Since 2004, she is consulting as a Diabetologist at several premier medical institutes in Hyderabad and is heavily involved in clinical trials and research in the area of Diabetes Care.


1. M.B. B. S. – Andhra University, Sept 1981
2. Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetology 2005-2006, Annamalai University
3. Training for Diploma National Board of Internal Medicine at Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, 1988
4. Training in internal medicine at the North Tyneside General Medicine Hospital, North Shield Newcastle, UK May       1995 to 1996



Type 1 Diabetes:

About Type 1 Diabetes Treatment:

With Type 1 Diabetes, the body stops producing insulin and also a person’s blood sugar level is increased. Type 1 Diabetes is diagnosed with blood sugar level tests. Here at Asmara health care, the Best Diabetes Treatments In Hyderabad providing type 1 diabetes treatment with good results over 22 years experienced doctors.

Specifically, symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes are:

If you have Type 1 diabetes your body doesn’t produce carbohydrates into your bloodstream from the foods and liquids and it produces sugar in your bloodstream. When the sugar enters the bloodstream, insulin can’t enter into the blood cells in your body.

Some Common symptoms of diabetes are:

  1. Frequent urination
  2. Feeling heavy thirsty
  3. Feeling tired
  4. Heavy Weight loss
  5. Skin Rashes
  6. Blurred vision

How to manage Type 1 Diabetes:

If you suffered from Type 1 Diabetes, your body needs insulin, which is used to supply insulin to you.  Managing the type 1 diabetes includes diet plan, exercises and you need a regular checkup of Blood Glucose Levels that are not too Low or too High by using devices that are used for checking blood glucose levels several times a day.

Type2 Diabetes:

In this Type 2, Diabetes blood cells cannot use glucose for energy and blood sugar will be gradually high in the body. Here at Asmara health care, the Best Diabetes Treatments In Hyderabad, we have around 22 years of the experienced doctor and they provide good results in  Type 2 Diabetes Treatment By suggesting Healthy Diet, Regular exercises, and prescribe the proper medications.

Causes of Type 2 Diabetes:

  1. Eating foods or liquids with too much sugar and with carbohydrates
  2. Overweight
  3. Over Activity
  4. Over Exercises
  5. More Stress
  6. Genetic Issues

There are no specific symptoms and it can be diagnosed when blood tests are prescribed by the doctor. The main symptom, especially in Type 2 diabetes, is overweight. Other symptoms that are included in Type 2  Diabetes are

  1. Increased Thirst
  2. Frequent Urination
  3. Losing weight or OverWeight
  4. Blurred Vision
  5. fatigue

Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed when the sugar level is more than 125 during fasting and 200 after eating something. If the person has fasting blood sugar which ranges in between 100-125  then the person is closed to Pre-Diabetes. Treatment, especially for this condition, can start with some medications, diet, and changing of lifestyle, which means foods that include less sugar and with simple carbohydrates. Sometimes people with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes needs to be regularly monitored their blood sugar levels to avoid the fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Diabetic Diet :

Especially, The Diabetic Diet helps the people who are suffering from diabetes and guides them what type of meals and snacks are to be consumed. The main aim of this guide is to maintain and control over this disease and also controlling over blood glucose levels with healthy weight gain and good nutrition. Blood sugar levels can vary based on food. Eating Healthy food brings your blood sugar levels close to the normal range. These instructions are not the same for all the people who are suffering from Diabetes, first Consult our doctor at Asmara health care for Diabetic Diet plan.

Diabetic Diet includes the following needs:

  1. Foods with Low Salt
  2. Foods with limited Fats
  3. Take whole-grain foods
  4. Eating Vegetables and Fruits
  5. Monitoring carbohydrates in meals and snacks
  6. Consume small portions of food for a whole day
  7. Foods with Low Sugar
  8. Dairy Products with low fat

Insulin For Diabetes:

In our body, the pancreas makes hormones called Insulin. For every meal, the pancreas makes insulin in our body which generates energy from the food. Specifically, the main aim of this topic is Insulin for Diabetes is providing the knowledge about Insulin that is used by the people who suffer from type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes destroys the beta cells which is used to produce insulin in the pancreas. In type 2 diabetes pancreas make insulin but not well used.

Why Insulin Prescribed specifically for Diabetes people?

After the diagnosis of Diabetes with Type 1 doctors prescribed the Insulin for Diabetes. People who suffer from type 1 diabetes take insulin for the long term for maintaining good blood glucose levels. Type 2 diabetes can require insulin in case of blood sugar levels not well maintained. Before you take insulin for diabetes you need to consult the doctor for maintaining good blood sugar levels in the bloodstream and also recommended the regular check up’s.

Side Effects of Insulin:

Through insulin for diabetes, the side effects will be rare. But if any side effects occur it could be severe and there will be the risk to the health. If you face any side effects like rashes, swelling or redness around the injected area consult your doctor for further treatment.

Blood Glucose Level :

In our body, Glucose is a type of sugar which produces from the food we are eating. In our body, the pancreas produces glucose into the bloodstream for energy. Our body produces glucose from food containing rich carbohydrates, like potatoes, fruits, etc…Beta cells in the pancreas produce insulin into the bloodstream. For diagnosis of the severity of disease doctors,  prescribe the Blood Glucose Level tests.

Complications Of Diabetes:

Diabetes is mostly related to the terms of blood glucose, glucose levels, blood glucose tests. Especially, Poorly Blood glucose maintained in our body causes problems like eye problems, foot problems, kidney problems, and heart problems. The time taking to develop these complications around years. These conditions are not the same for all the people who suffered from Diabetes some people may be facing these problems.

What are the levels of Good blood glucose?

  1. Before meal the Blood glucose levels are between 4 to 7 mmol/l.
  2. At night glucose levels should be not more than 8 mmol/l.
  3. After eating for 2 hours glucose levels are below 9 mmol/l.

Tests For Blood Glucose :

Especially, Blood Glucose Tests used to monitor blood glucose levels in your BloodStream for controlling Diabetes. It is not necessary that every person with diabetes must take tests, but if you have done this tests you may know what medications and what type of diet for eating.

Uses of Glucose Testing in the bloodstream :

  • Information about quantity portion
  • Medications information
  • Decrease risk for diabetes complications
  • Better Sugar Control
  • Knowledge of insulin dosage
  • Control diseases
  • Monitor the levels of glucose after food/exercises/stress
  • Trace the result of quickly falling of blood sugar with low blood sugar
  • To Know the position of blood sugar level