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The Asmara Health Care is center for excellence in skin and hair removal in Hyderabad.

The clinic director Dr. M. Shruthi is a medical graduate by her education is certified with MBBS from NTR University, switched to aesthetic medicine and experienced in medical cosmetology and Trichology certified from Indian Institute of aesthetic medicine from Pune and also in Trichology certified by Griesfield, University affiliated to institute of laser and aesthetic medicine, New Delhi.

Asmara Health Care is established with the goal of providing the best care to the individuals with skin and hair loss.

We understand skin and hair problems because we see all those things daily in our practice and guide treatment to fight against those issues. We know the limitations of medicine and science when we have to start and stop the treatment and which treatment should be given in the first place. We also see the patients of all skin problems with different skin types and also we deal with all hair loss issues and hair removal in Hyderabad.

Now the new beginning of Asmara is coming up with a new concept with new advanced technology in cosmetology. Even for the new wedding for the best moments of their new beginning life with the beautiful glow of their skin. I.e. Wedding rituals for bride and groom for long-lasting results.

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Time to peel away all skin imperfections in a professional hands specially designed to rejuvenate your skin.

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