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Deals with all skin and hair disease of paediatric, Adults, Geriatric population.

Psychiatry clinic near me


Deals with all Mood disorders, Eating disorders, sexual disorders.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Dental Implants

Dental deals with Oral Cavity Related Disorders like Cavities, Root Canal Infections.


Physiotherapy deals with Sprains, Back Pain and Displacement.

+91(8978) 448 082
ASMARA HEALTH CARE, Ploat No: 79, Kamalapuri Colony, Srinagar Colony,Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

    Things to Know

    What are some examples of Diagnostic Tests?
    Why consult the Psychiatrist?
    How Cosmetology came to India?
    Any Age considerations for consulting dermatologists?
    What is Trichology?

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    Ph: 897 844 8082
    Address: ASMARA HEALTH CARE PVT, LTD, Ploat No: 79, Kamalapuri Colony, Srinagar Colony, Banjara Hills, HYDERABAD, 500073

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